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PEEPS® - Halloween

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Peeps Tombstones

Snack Size Chicks

PEEPS® Pumpkin Ghosts
Marshmallow Tombstones
3-ct Package
9-ct Package
Snack-Size Marshmallow Chicks
40-ct Package
8-ct Package
24-ct Package
3-ct Package
9-ct Package

Caramel Apple Peep Marshmallows

PEEPS® Pumpkin Spice  

Candy Corn Peeps Marshmallows

Baking Toppers
Caramel Apple Flavored Chicks
3-ct Package
Pumpkin Spice Flavored Chicks
3-ct Package
Candy Corn Flavored Chicks
3-ct Package
Halloween Marshmallow Toppers
24-ct Package

Cocoa Cats

Milk Chocolate Covered PEEPS Pumpkin

Milk Chocolate Covered PEEPS® Pumpkin

Chocolate Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Cats
4-ct Package
8-ct Package
Milk Chocolate
Covered PEEPS® Pumpkin
1-ct Package       
Milk Chocolate
Dipped PEEPS®
  Orange Chicks
3-ct Package

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