Our Vision

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To be the most respected confectionery company in the world.

  • Delighting consumers every day
  • Consistently making high-quality products
  • Active participant in industry initiatives
  • Valued partner of customers and suppliers
  • Pillar of the community
  • Leading edge innovation
  • Employer of choice
  • Top tier share growth


Drive transformational growth and profit for our company and stakeholders.


Continuing as a family-owned confectionery company, our commitment is to be a market-driven, quality business enhancing our reputation as a progressive, ethical and respected employer, manufacturer, marketer, and member of the community.

Why We're the Best Confectionery Company


We believe that to be the most respected confectionery company in the world takes leadership at all levels to build and sustain an organization and culture that exemplifies: (click on each letter below)

Relationships that create win-win outcomes:
  • We believe in nurturing respectful relationships with one another and encouraging the best in each other
  • We believe there is much to learn from one another and much to teach one another
  • We believe mistakes along the way are not the end of the lesson, but only the beginning of opportunities to learn and grow