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Here you will find some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.
  1. How long has Just Born been in business?

    Just Born was founded in 1923 in New York, and moved to our current location in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1932.

  2. Where did the name Just Born come from?

    Just Born got its name when founder, Sam Born, proudly displayed in his store window an evolving line of daily-made candy, declaring them "just born".

  3. Do you offer factory tours?

    We do not offer tours to the public. As a food manufacturer, we must ensure strict adherence to FDA guidelines, sanitation procedures and safety, so we are, therefore, unable to accommodate tours of our facility. However, you may click here to view videos of How Our Candy Is Made.

  4. How do I apply for a job with Just Born?

    Current open positions, including internship opportunities, are posted on our Join our Team page.  We encourage you to check it out frequently, as it is updated when openings become available.

  5. Do you offer candy donations?

    If you represent a school or a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the Lehigh Valley, PA (Lehigh and Northampton Counties), or the community surrounding our GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® factory in Northeast Philadelphia, you may request a candy donation for community or fundraising events once each year. Additionally, Just Born is proud to provide candy donations to U.S. military personnel.  All requests must be made through Unit Commanders, Family Readiness Groups or VAs.  Requests should be emailed, faxed or mailed to the Corporate Affairs Department with a minimum four weeks’ notice.  Just Born generally does not donate to the following:  Fraternal, athletic or social clubs/programs, churches or religious programs, contributions directly benefiting an individual or political organization or event.  Click here for more details on submitting a request.

  6. How do I request a grant from Just Born?

    Just Born welcomes grant proposals from non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations operating in the following geographical locations:  The Lehigh Valley (Lehigh and Northampton Counties) Pennsylvania; the community surrounding our GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® factory in Northeast Philadelphia; and the communities surrounding our PEEPS AND COMPANY® retail stores.   The health and well-being of children and their families is the primary focus of our corporate giving program.  We make grants in the areas of Health and Social Services, Primary and Secondary Education, Arts and Cultural Events, Community Development and Environmental Education.  Click here for more details.

  7. How do I go about getting permission to use your product logos and brand names?

    Because our brand names, logos, and the PEEPS® shapes are registered trademarks of Just Born, Inc., we cannot authorize any use of them by third parties.

  8. How do I request an appearance by the PEEPSMOBILE®?

    The PEEPSMOBILE®, our converted VW bug, is primarily used for corporate events and has very limited availability. Unfortunately, we are most often unable to accept the many invitations we receive.

  9. Where can I get information on Just Born for a school project?

    The most comprehensive information about our company and brands can be found right here on this website.  Since we are a privately held company, we cannot provide any financial or sales information, but there is still plenty of information to be found here. Get a glimpse into our corporate vision and history by checking out Who We Are; check out all the Brands You Love; see How Our Candy Is Made; and learn the answers to many of our most Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll also find links to our fun brand websites and much, much more.

  10. Can I buy stock in Just Born?

    While we sincerely appreciate your interest, since we are a privately held corporation, stock is not available for purchase.

  11. How can I set up a wholesale account?
    We invite resellers to call our Customer Service Team toll free at 1-800-652-3267 for details on minimum order requirements, pricing and ordering.
  12. Do you have a retail outlet at your manufacturing facility?
    We do not have a retail store on premises and our PEEPS & COMPANY® retail stores have closed. However, you can find our candy at many retailers. Click here to access our product finder to find a store near you.
  13. Can I, as a consumer, buy direct from you either online or over the phone?
    As much as we appreciate your interest, we no longer have a direct-to-consumer sales option. Click here to access our product finder to find a retailer near you.
  1. Where are your candies made?
    All of our candy is proudly made in the USA and Canada using globally sourced ingredients.
  2. Where can I buy your candy?
    Availability will vary based on the product you are interested in and the season. Click here to access our product finder for a store near you.

  3. What is the shelf life of your candy?
    Shelf life varies depending on the product and packaging type.  Our candies have a consumer-readable “best by" date printed on the packages to help identify the freshest candy.  However, if the candy is exposed to inappropriate temperature or humidity conditions, it could become prematurely stale.  Ideal storage conditions for our products is between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity of about 45% to 50%.
  4. Do you offer coupons or free samples?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate the many requests we get for free samples, nor do we typically have coupons available.
  5. Can I submit an idea for a new product?

    We certainly appreciate your interest; however, it is our company policy to not solicit or accept ideas from outside the company.  Our research and development team is always working on new candies, many of which are in the works for some time before they are introduced into the marketplace.  It is understood that any unsolicited ideas submitted shall be the property of Just Born Quality Confections.

  6. How long have you been making MIKE AND IKE®?

    We have been making MIKE AND IKE® since 1940.

  7. Where did the name MIKE AND IKE® come from?

    The origin of the name is a common curiosity among fans of the MIKE AND IKE® brand. Legend has it the name came from a 1920's Vaudeville act, "Mike and Ike -- We look alike". While there are many theories, the true origin remains a mystery.  

  8. What is the ratio of different flavors in your MIKE AND IKE® packages?

    Delivering a package to our consumers that contains an equal distribution of flavors is our goal; however, our manufacturing process does not allow us to guarantee this outcome.  The smaller the package, the more challenging it is to achieve an equal amount of each flavor.

  9. When were HOT TAMALES® introduced?

    HOT TAMALES® were first made in 1950.

  10. Why is cinnamon not listed as an ingredient in HOT TAMALES®?
    We use an artificial cinnamon flavoring to give HOT TAMALES® their kick. They do not contain natural cinnamon.
  11. Why are some HOT TAMALES® pieces not quite as hot as others?

    While we strive to manufacture HOT TAMALES® candies that deliver the same flavor and heat experience every time, it is possible that slight variations can still occur. To get a glimpse into the process, check out How Our Candy Is Made.

  12. How long have you been making PEEPS®?
    We have been making PEEPS® since 1953 when we purchased The Rodda Candy Company from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  13. Can you freeze PEEPS®?
    Many consumers have told us that they freeze PEEPS® quite successfully, although freezing them may alter the consistency and texture once they return to room temperature. All of our packages have a best by date on them; for optimum freshness, we recommend storing the candy between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity of about 40 to 50%.

  14. Are yellow PEEPS® Chicks available year-round?

    Our PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies are seasonal. The PEEPS® Yellow Chicks are typically sold in stores only during the Easter season.

  15. I like my PEEPS® “aged”, but mine aren’t getting hard. Did you change them?
    Neither our recipe nor our manufacturing process used to make marshmallow has changed in recent history, but, for obvious reasons, we strive to ensure product freshness.  We do know that storing unwrapped marshmallow in a warm, dry place generally results in prematurely stale product.
  16. Can you make custom-shaped PEEPS®?

    Unfortunately, due to manufacturing limitations, we are unable to accommodate requests for custom products.

  17. Why don't my PEEPS® look fluffy?
    The unusual “collapsed” appearance is a rare occurrence and one that we have several quality measures in place to prevent. There is no safety risk in eating this product and they can be enjoyed in a similar manner to PEEPS® that have not collapsed. PEEPS® that have lost their “fluffy” appearance are safe to eat but not the best eating experience. This unusual looking appearance is an indicator that the marshmallow has lost air. They should have the same flavor but will eat a little differently.
  18. When were PEANUT CHEWS® introduced?
    GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® were first made in 1917 during World War I and used as a ration bar for the U.S. military.
  19. Where are PEANUT CHEWS® made?
    GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® are made in Philadelphia, at the same factory they were made in when they became part of the Just Born Quality Confections family in 2003.
  20. Why can’t I find PEANUT CHEWS® since moving away from the northeast?
    GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® have historically been available in the Philadelphia area, parts of New York City, and down to Baltimore and Virginia. Their distribution has expanded slightly, but remains concentrated in the Northeast market. You can check our product finder to see if they are available in a store near you.

  21. My PEANUT CHEWS® are still within their best by date, but they are turning gray or white. What causes this and are they safe to eat?
    This discoloration is commonly referred to as “bloom”, a harmless but inevitable change that occurs on chocolate when ingredients separate as a result of temperature variation.  This product is still safe to consume and bloom should not affect the flavor or texture of the candy.
  1. What is your allergen labeling policy?

    We are required by law to declare major food allergens as defined by the FDA (Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Wheat and Sesame) on our label.  Additionally, for the safety of our consumers, it is our policy to voluntarily add “May Contain” statements to our packages to alert consumers to any potential cross contamination risk for any of those top 9 allergens.

  2. Do your products contain any of the top 9 allergens? (Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Wheat, Sesame)

    Because product formulations can change at any time, we encourage consumers to refer to our package labels for the most up-to-date ingredient and allergen information.  We are required by law to declare major food allergens as defined by the FDA on our label.  Additionally, for the safety of our consumers, it is our policy to voluntarily add advisory statements to our packages to alert consumers to any potential cross contamination risk.  Therefore, if there is a risk of cross contamination with any of these major food allergens, we would include this information in the form of a “May Contain” statement on our package.  For further questions, please call our Consumer Relations Team toll free at 1-888-645-3453.

  3. Why do some PEEPS® packages say “May Contain Milk” and some don’t?

    For the safety of our consumers, it is our policy to voluntarily add advisory statements to our packages to alert consumers to potential cross contamination risks of any of the top 9 allergens as defined by the FDA.  Because we make Chocolate Dipped PEEPS® Marshmallow Candies in our facility, we include a “May Contain Milk” statement to any products that could be at risk for cross contamination, which affects some, but not all, PEEPS® products.  We adhere to stringent Good Manufacturing Practices and have a comprehensive allergen management program in place, which includes measures to minimize any allergen cross contamination risk.  For further questions, please call our Consumer Relations Team toll free at 1-888-645-3453.

  4. Are your products gluten-free?

    We offer many gluten-free products under the MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES®, PEEPS®, GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS®, TEENEE BEANEE® and JUST BORN® brands and we are in the process of updating package labels to include gluten-free statements where appropriate.  The modified food starch that we use in our candies is corn starch.  However, because some of our products may be manufactured and/or packaged in a facility that may also handle non gluten-free products, we encourage consumers to read the labels carefully for the most up-to-date ingredient and allergen information.  For further questions, please call our Consumer Relations Team toll-free at 1-888-645-3453.

  5. What type of modified food starch do you use?

    The modified food starch that we use in our candies is corn starch.

  6. Are your candies Kosher?

    All of our jelly bean type candies, such as MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES®, TEENEE BEANEE® Jelly Beans and JUST BORN® Jelly Beans are kosher and pareve.  GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS® Candies are kosher dairy.  They are manufactured under the supervision of the Kashruth Division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.  Our PEEPS® Marshmallow Candies are not kosher.

  7. Are your candies Halal certified?
    While many of our candies are Kosher, they are not Halal certified.
  8. Are your candies vegan?


    Our Original Dark Chocolatey PEANUT CHEWS® has a great following among vegans. We do point out, however, that they are produced on the same line as our Milk Chocolatey PEANUT CHEWS®, which have nonfat dry milk in them.


    Our jelly bean and chewy candies contain confectioners glaze, which may be of concern to some vegans. Confectioners glaze is a food grade edible coating containing components derived from the sap of trees and is very similar to a bee’s production of honey.


    Our marshmallow candies are not vegan because they contain pork-derived gelatin.

  9. What type of gelatin is in PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow?

    The gelatin used in our marshmallow candies is derived from pork products.

  10. Can’t you make PEEPS® with vegetarian gelatin?

    We have done a great deal of research, analysis and testing using alternative sources of gelatin and have not been able to identify a consistent alternative that provides the same great eating experience that our current gelatin provides.


  11. What are PEEPS® eyes and other decorations made of?

    The decorations on many of the PEEPS® shapes are made of icing consisting primarily of sugar.  Our chick, bunny and ghost eyes, however, are the exception.  They are made with an FDA approved edible wax commonly used in confectionery products.

  12. Where can I find Nutrition Facts for my favorite Just Born candy?

    Depending on which product you are interested in, we recommend visiting the Products portion of each of our brand websites (MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES®, PEEPS®, GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS®), where you will find ingredient statements and nutrition facts.  Or, for the most up-to-date information, please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team toll free at 1-888-645-3453.

  13. What are GMO/Bioengineered ingredients?

    GMO Ingredients, sometimes referred to in the United States as a Bioengineered or BE Ingredients, are plants, animals, or microorganisms whose genetic makeup has been altered. Since the early 1990’s, crops modified using these modern genetic techniques have been widely adopted by farmers in the U.S., and around the world. The most popular crops using these techniques include corn, soybeans, canola and sugar beets. When it comes to our food, farmers commonly use techniques like selective breeding, cross pollination or hybridization to improve crops resistance to insects, weeds, or be better able to withstand disease, reducing the need for insecticides and herbicides. This results in better yields which is important to improve the global issue of food insecurity  Learn more from the FDA about GMO ingredients.

  14. Why do we use GMO/Bioengineered ingredients?

    At Just Born Quality Confections, safety and quality are a top priority, particularly when it comes to selecting the ingredients we use to make our candies. We use ingredients derived from crop biotechnology for ingredients such as corn, sugar beets and soy because these raw materials are not currently available in the USA in the quantities that we need to manufacture our candies. We recognize there are varying views regarding crop biotechnology and we hope providing you with additional information will help ease any concerns you may have. Foods made with GMO ingredients, also known as Bioengineered or BE Ingredients are as safe as foods made with ingredients from conventional crops. We know this because these crops have been widely planted since the early 1990’s and have been rigorously tested and studied for safety.  Many regulatory agencies, scientists, health professionals, and other experts within the agricultural industry around the world have studied GMO’s and found that crops are safe for consumers. A sampling of organizations and authorities who have deemed GMO’s safe include: US Department of AgricultureWorld Health Organization and American Association for the Advancement of Science. To go one step further, even the National Academy of Sciences and the American Medical Association have declared there are no health risks associated with foods that contain GMO ingredients. You can find additional information on the safety of GMO ingredients and the rigorous testing procedures, by visiting the FDA and the USDA websites.